What is Dynamic Rope?

Dynamic rope is a type of rope that is designed to stretch under load. It is typically used in situations where absorption of energy is desired, such as in rock climbing, rappelling, and rescue operations. Dynamic rope is made from materials that have a high stretch factor, such as nylon or polyester, and is generally more flexible and easier to handle than static rope.

When a load is applied to dynamic rope, it stretches to absorb the energy of the load. This can help to reduce the impact force on the rope and on the person or object being supported by the rope. Dynamic rope also has a higher level of elongation, which means that it stretches more under load than static rope. This property makes dynamic rope more suitable for use in situations where a degree of shock absorption is needed.

Dynamic rope is generally not as strong as static rope and is not recommended for use in applications where minimal stretch is required. However, it is an essential tool for many outdoor and industrial applications where a strong, flexible rope is needed.

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