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What are the different types of Carabiners?

Carabiners are metal loops with a spring-loaded gate, used to connect pieces of climbing equipment. There are several different types of carabiners, each with its own specific features and uses. Here are some common types of carabiners:

  1. D-shaped: D-shaped carabiners are the most common type, and are characterized by their D-shaped cross section. They are strong and durable, and are well-suited for a variety of climbing applications.
  2. Asymmetrical D-shaped: Asymmetrical D-shaped carabiners are similar to regular D-shaped carabiners, but have an asymmetrical shape that provides additional strength and reduces the risk of cross-loading.
  3. Pear-shaped: Pear-shaped carabiners are similar to D-shaped carabiners, but have a more rounded, pear-shaped cross section. They are generally stronger and more durable than D-shaped carabiners, and are well-suited for use as belay carabiners.
  4. Locking: Locking carabiners have a mechanism, such as a screw gate or a tri-lock system, that prevents the gate from accidentally opening. They are typically used for critical applications, such as attaching the rope to anchors.
  5. HMS: HMS (half moon shape) carabiners are pear-shaped carabiners with a wider opening, making them well-suited for use with munter hitches and other large knots.

By understanding the different types of carabiners and their specific features and uses, climbers can choose the best carabiners for their needs and applications.

Raven Rising Founders Note: If you are new to climbing and climbing gear, please visit What Are Carabiners?
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