Happy Yak – Vegetable and Peanut Pad Thaï (Vegetarian, Lactose Free)


Our Asian-inspired Pad Thai is prepared with tasty chunks of vegetables, rice noodles and a creamy peanut sauce. This top seller features both sweet and sour, hot and salty flavors that give it its personality.



Looking for a restaurant quality Pad Thaï on the go? Happy Yak has formulated a delicious express Pad Thaï that is vegan, lactose-free that is less than 1% gluten. This large portion will impress you with its 48 g protein and 920 calories. That explains why, Happy Yak’s Pad Thaï is the number 1 choice of many of our clients.


Freeze-drying is a very unique process that allows water, in frozen foods, to change from a solid state to a gaseous state through a process called sublimation. Essential properties, such as colour, taste, and texture, and all of the important nutrients are preserved through this transformation. The process is performed by a machine called a freeze-dryer that mimics the atmospheric pressure of the highest peaks in the world!

Weight .25 lbs

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