Skedco Complete Skyhook System


The Skedco Complete Skyhook System includes everything necessary for rapid evacuation of mass casualties in a biochemical environment. Because we never know how far away we can get from the Hot-zone, the kit includes continuous loop twisted polypropylene ropes, 1 each for distances of 100ft, 150ft, and 200ft. This kit allows as many as 4 rescuers in level A. There are also 4 clean Skeds for moving patients from the warm zone to decon to prevent dragging contaminated litters outside the area. Instructional video or cd-rom included.

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This kit consists of:

        • 12 HMH Sked Stretchers & 3 rapid deployment bags
        • Skyhook Rope Winch System (SK-2530)
        • Bagged continuous loop rope 200ft. distance
        • Bagged continuous loop rope 150ft. distance
        • Bagged continuous loop rope 100ft. distance (Note: Amount of continuous loop rope is double the distance and the ends are spliced together at the factory.)
        • 2 knot passing pulleys
        • 2 2-inch polypropylene slings
        • 14 large aluminum D carabiners
        • 40ft. 1/2 inch nylon kernmantle rope
        • 2 8mm PMI prusik cord
        • 8 Haz-Mat rope grabs
        • 40ft. 1/2 inch polypropylene solid braid rope
        • 1 100 foot extension cord with reel
        • 1 large screw driver

This kit is designed for a large mass casualty incident. (More HMD Skeds may be needed)

Weight 320 lbs


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