Happy Yak – Raspberry and Vanilla Granola (Vegetarian)


A mix of tasty ingredients that will delight young and old. Whether it’s for breakfast or as a snack, a serving of raspberry and vanilla granola is always comforting! Cold or hot, you’ll love it!


A blend of tasty ingredients are sure to bring joy to the young and young at heart alike. For breakfast or as a snack, a serving of apple and cinnamon granola is always comforting! Cold or hot, you’ll see, you’ll love it!


What could be better than the right mix of granola with freeze-dried raspberries! Simple and easy to prepare, this express and vegetarian meal contains 21g of protein.


Happy Yak granola is a mixture of several ingredients: whole grain Canadian oats, honey, sliced whole almonds, almond powder, pumpkin seeds, brown sugar and cinnamon. Serve it with milk or yogurt, you’re in for a treat.

Weight .25 lbs

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