Happy Yak – Moroccan Feast (Vegan, Lactose Free)


A tasty mix of red lentils and couscous. Generously garnished with raisins, dried apricots and toasted almonds, the Moroccan feast is a dish rich in color and flavor! For those who like exoticism and sweet and savory dishes, you will be served.



Happy Yak lentil couscous is inspired by festive Moroccan gastronomy. In this North African country there are many dishes based on lentils, white beans, kidney beans and couscous. Simple and easy to prepare, this express, vegan and lactose-free meal contains 28g of protein and will be enjoyed by all!


Moroccan cuisine is a sophisticated cuisine derived from Arab, Berber and Jewish traditions. It is the Berber cuisine that brings us the great specialties of couscous. In fact, the beginning of this popular dish dates back to ancient times.

Weight .25 lbs

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