Cascade Model 200 Titania, 1-piece confined space, w/PMI® FAST System


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The new titanium narrow version of the ultimate small team response litter. Designed specifically for use in confined space situations, this litter maintains all the great usable features of the traditional Titania Advance series litters. Crafted from hand laminated composites, it provides excellent subject protection and easy maneuverability for the litter attendants. A great light weight choice for urban, industrial, cave and/or mountain rescues when space is limited.

Key Features:
All Cascade Advance litters come with removable pad and aluminum FastPax Rails • Four patient restraint straps for quick, secure subject immobilization • Abrasion resistant shell • Titanium handrails/construction • Ample brackets • Bright orange exterior • Made in the USA

Important Notice: Due to high demand and production lead times, Cascade products are currently on Backorder with an estimated 12-week lead time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding. Rest assured, we are working closely with our supplier to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. If you need a product sooner, we encourage you to explore our other offerings with shorter lead times. Thank you for your support.

Weight 41 lbs


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