12.5 mm PMI® Dura-Shield General Use Rope


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A brand new PMI rope, HeatShield™ is an excellent choice for rope access work for anyone needing rope with superior sheath abrasion and heat resistant properties such as those performing work at bridges, dams, towers or industrial sites. If there is a chance your rope may contact a sharp edge, hot pipes, or anything hot nearby, consider this rope for the job. The sheath is 100% Technora® featuring a high tensile strength, good fatigue resistance, heat resistance, excellent dimensional stability, and chemical resistance.


Key features:

• Sheath – 100% Technora®

• Core – 100% Nylon 6.6

• High modulus of elasticity

• Low creep

• Low thermal shrinkage

• Thermal decomposition threshold 500ºC (932°F)

• Can be used for long periods at a temperature of 250°C (482°F)


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