Climbing harnesses

“Rope Access in the Wind Energy Industry”

Rope access is a valuable tool for the wind energy industry, providing a safe and efficient way to access and work on wind turbines. Some of the ways that rope access is used in the wind energy industry include: Inspection and maintenance: Rope access technicians can use ropes and specialized equipment to safely access and …

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“Rope Access Training: What You Need to Know Before You Begin”

Rope access is a specialized technique that requires proper training and certification. If you are considering pursuing rope access training, here are some things you should know before you begin: Training programs: Rope access training programs are typically offered by professional organizations or specialized training centers. These programs typically cover the principles of rope access, …

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“Innovations in Rope Access Technology”

Rope access technology has come a long way in recent years, with many new innovations designed to improve safety and efficiency. Some examples of recent innovations in rope access technology include: Self-retracting lifelines: These devices automatically lock in the event of a fall, reducing the risk of injury. Advanced harnesses: New harness designs have been …

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What is a Belay?

A belay is a safety system used in climbing to protect a climber from falling. It involves a belayer, who is responsible for managing the rope and controlling the amount of slack in the rope, and a climber, who is attached to one end of the rope and uses it to ascend the route. The …

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